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On Site & Hands On


Jemsek Golf Design creates distinctive courses by pairing each site’s unique attributes with classic golf design strategies.  This approach is incorporated into plans with the purpose of creating eco-friendly and sustainable golf courses.  Each hole is intended to have a unique feel that embraces the surrounding natural environment and highlights the existing attributes of the property, as well as preserving native vegetation.  The use of existing resources, a minimized need for chemical applications, and a decrease in water consumption can result in the construction of an environmentally responsible course.

At JGD we take pride in being dedicated craftsmen who remain intimately involved in each stage of a project.  Our primary objective is the success of our clients and we work tirelessly to meet and exceed your expectations. We achieve your objectives through continued open communication, regular site visits, traditional hand drawn sketches, and techniques using the latest in computer software. After the completion of projects, we continue to promote our client's through written publications, online resources, and social media outlets.


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Growing up in a four generation golf family, the majority of my life has been spent in and around golf courses. Although I had modest achievements in tournaments, I quickly realized my passion for golf extended beyond playing and my future was in golf course design. At the age of 18, I was given my first opportunity to build two new greens for Cog Hill Golf & Country Club.

Since 2007, I have helped large companies like Textron Financial, Pulte Homes and numerous individual private golf clubs, owners, and investors to create value from their golf properties. Jemsek Golf Design has experience with a variety of proven design and construction techniques participating in nearly 100 projects in 29 countries. No matter the size of the project, from small bunker renovations to long term master plans and new course construction, everything we do is closely monitored to ensure successful implementation.  





Charlie was a valuable member of JGD 2008-2022. This Australian shepherd had a keen eye for bunker shaping and now inspects project sites from above. 



Golf Design

Golf course features are strategically designed using a creative approach while embracing the natural environment.  Quality design includes an element of flexibility that challenges skilled players, but also promotes enjoyment for the casual player or those new to the sport.



From small capital improvement projects to full scale reconstruction of golf course features, a complete plan is developed to improve the playability, maintenance, and beauty of the course. 



Preservation and improvement of a historic course can be accomplished with the assistance of archival plans and photographs in order to reestablish the original style and intent of the design.


Master Planning

JGD works to develop enduring relationships with golf clubs and prioritizes planned improvements. Every course should have a master plan to maximize resources and avoid making changes that might conflict with long term goals. 

Tree Management

Trees can be a vital asset to many golf courses, but mismanagement, over planting, and misuse can lead to detrimental outcomes. JGD can help provide a roadmap to placement, removal, and management of trees.

Land Planning

An evaluation of the project site, an assessment of the geographic features, and initial placements of development components are integrated into a comprehensive plan.

Forward Tee Design

Research has shown a shorter yardage course leads to increased enjoyment, faster play, and increased participation. Men, women, seniors, juniors, and beginners all benefit from new forward tee locations.

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